What We Can Print

We can print t-shirts, posters, business cards, post cards, invitations, signs, stickers, sweatshirts, tote bags, cardboard, and wooden signs.  Just about anything that is flat we can print, and if we can’t, we can almost always refer you to someone who can.

We are a screen printing shop. We do not do any digital or offset printing. If you are in need of those services, please get in touch with Detroitprinter.net, MCS Multimedia, or FedEx/Kinkos.

How We Print

We are an all-manual screen printing shop and do not use any automatic presses. That means that everything we print is printed by hand/hands. Ocelot Print Shop is run by four artists who pride themselves on quality craftsmanship and love the screen printing process.

Order Process

To begin your order, please fill out one of the quote forms found on the Services page. We will provide you with a custom quote based on your specific project. 

Once you have received a quote and you would like to proceed, please send over your print-ready artwork, t-shirt size and style breakdown or paper size and color, and ink colors. We will send you an invoice requesting a 50% deposit so that we can order your stock and get started. We may also send you a digital mock-up, which we will need you to approve before we can get started on your job.

Our turnaround time is 7 - 10 business days from when we receive print-ready artwork, a 50% deposit, and the go-ahead from you that everything looks good. We need all three of these things before we can begin your print job.

The remaining 50% balance on your print job is due when you pick up your items or when they are ready to be shipped out.


To see pricing on garment and flatstock printing, please visit our Print Pricing page.

Extra Fees

In addition to the standard costs for printing, the following fees may apply to your order:

  • Customer-supplied stock fee: $.75 per garment

  • Size XXL shirts and above are typically $3.00+ more per shirt

  • Ink switch: $10 per ink switch

  • Custom matching Pantone/PMS colors: $15 per color

  • Discharge printing: $.50 per garment

  • Foil: $2 per garment

  • Heat press: $.50 per garment

  • Split fountain: $1 for two field splits, add $1 for each color field added


For t-shirts and anything on fabric, we offer both water-based and plastisol ink. Water-based ink is eco-friendly, soft, transparent, and soaks into the fabric, while plastisol ink is oil-based, more opaque, and sits on the surface of the fabric. Which to print with depends on your preferences and artwork. We can advise the best choice. If you are unsure or do not specify one or the other, we will make a choice based on what we think will print best. For more on ink, please read this post on our blog: "Let's Talk About Ink"

Our standard ink colors are inks that we carry and can print for you without an extra charge. If you don't see the color you need listed, you can request a custom color mix for $15 per color, per order. Please send your custom color choice via a PMS number.

Discharge ink is also available for an extra $.50 per shirt. Discharge ink removes the dye of the fabric, creating a bleach effect. 100% cotton shirts are recommended for discharge printing.


We would ultimately love to receive vector files (Illustrator or PDF) with fonts outlined and each color in its own layer. We can also work with high resolution Photoshop files or PDFs as well.  

Please make the image area that you want printed rich black (regardless of what color it will be printed), and please put each color in its own layer if it's a multi-color design.

Please send your art over in the size that it should be printed. It will save a lot of time in completing your print job.

For more on artwork, please read this post on our blog: "Preparing Your Artwork to Print With Us"


The minimum you may order for a t-shirt/sweatshirt/tote bag job is 24 pieces. The minimum you may order for a paper flatstock job is 50 pieces. We are firm on these minimums. If you insist that you need less than 50 pieces of flatstock for example, you will still be charged for 50 pieces.

Rush Orders

A rush order is any order that needs to be completed less than 7 - 10 business days. Rush orders will be charged at least an extra 20% of the total of the job. They could be charged up to 100% of the total of the job, depending on how quickly it needs to be done.