Ocelot's Monthly Ocelot Spotlight: Kinga Osz-Kemp

During the slow-for-printing months of winter, each of the four Ocelot co-owners takes a turn at a weeklong residency in the shop to work on a personal project. Kinga's residency was in early January, and here is her report:


It all started with a blank CD case for my current musical project.

Since Bayard wrote the words  and I made the music, I asked him for drawings to suit the title of the project “Words of a Feather” (we both like birds).

I scanned in a page from an old dream journal and printed it in cyan, magenta and yellow slightly offset to put the Birds into the Fifth Dimension of Long Hand and Dreaming.


The cover had a place for folded literature, so literature was printed: the lyrics.


On the back of the literature was the space for my playground. Since I do execution of predetermined outcomes for my job, as something different, I wanted to have just an idea that I can print and then look at my print to come up with a response as to what to do next. This is how, through days of printing and cutting and squinting, I developed my initial idea of an egg inside of a chicken inside of an egg.

So which one DID come first?

The cyan.


Then the magenta layer, including the Visiting Chicken. Neighbors can be curious.


Finally the yellow layer, to get the colors dancing.

Even though half-tone dots and CMYK colors were used, this is not a true CMYK print. It’s a faker, a player, not even a real layer.

The last songs on the cd are still being worked on. But the the ones that are done, can be listened to here: https://kingaosz-kemp.bandcamp.com/album/words-of-a-feather

And all the playing I did with the chicken/egg pics in the process of creating the final composition, ended up wheat pasted on the walls of the barn where I took the chicken photo.