Bec Young: Artist-in-Residence

Bec Young, an artist based in Pittsburgh, spent a week as Artist-in-Residence at Ocelot Print Shop a few weeks ago wrote a blog post about her experience:

"A former Detroiter, I live in Pennsylvania now. I recently travelled to Michigan to work at Ocelot, attend the Allied Media Conference, and spend time with friends and family. The wonderful people at Ocelot Print Shop hosted me as a resident printmaker for three solid days, culminating in the Dog Show. I made a four-layer print of African Wild Dogs for the Dog Show, and a two layer print about honeybees. 

I have a background in Fibers and didn't start making prints until after I left college. I mainly learned what I know about printing from a community printshop in Pittsburgh called Artists Image Resource. I have found that regardless your previous level of experience, if you hang around community print shops enough, volunteering, asking questions, and generally lurking, you will learn all you need to know!

Having spent time in several other community print shops around the country, I can say with confidence that the Ocelots really know their craft, and the shop is way more organized than most. I would have love to have been able to spend even more time printing there."


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Honeybee screen print by Bec Young

Honeybee screen print by Bec Young