Ocelot's Monthly Member Spotlight: Grace Millard

For May's monthly member spotlight, we are featuring Ocelot member Grace Millard. Members are artists and printmakers who pay hourly fees that allow them to use our full range of equipment.

Grace is a poet and illustrator who makes prints that are based in the gesture, shape, and empathy of people in her community.

GRACE PRINTS MOSTLY: "At Ocelot I have printed posters of my personal illustrations as well as book covers for my chapbook."

GRACE PRINTS # HRS/MONTH: "I'm at Ocelot about 5 - 10 hours a month."

GRACE'S FAVORITE THING ABOUT OCELOT PRINT SHOP: "My favorite thing about Ocelot is the other artists one can meet there, and the atmosphere of education and appreciation for printwork."

SEE MORE: gracemillard.com