Ocelot's Monthly Member Spotlight: Matthew Tait/TAIT Design Co.

For February's monthly member spotlight, we are featuring Ocelot member Matthew Tait of TAIT Design Co. Members are artists and printmakers who pay hourly fees that allow them to use our full range of equipment.

TAIT Design Co. is known for its products featuring bold simple shapes and typography.

MATTHEW PRINTS MOSTLY: "We print some of the packaging for our products at Ocelot. Most of the packaging we do is made of cardboard, which can be difficult to print on, but we've been able to do some great work with the team at Ocelot.
We also recently printed our new perpetual calendars at Ocelot. Check them out on our site!"

MATTHEW PRINTS # HRS/MONTH: "We print probably about 15 - 30hrs/month, depending on how busy we are."

MATTHEW'S FAVORITE THING ABOUT OCELOT PRINT SHOP: "I love the people and community especially, as well as the ability to have an idea and print it very quickly. Many screen printing shops have very long lead times and it can be difficult to see an idea through with any immediacy. For example, we had the idea for the Calendar a few days before the New Year and were able to design it, burn the screen and print within the 2 days. We had it up on our site on the 1st, which was very timely. That would have never been possible without Ocelot."

SEE MORE: taitdesignco.com