Printing the 2015 Dally in the Alley posters

We were excited to have the opportunity to print this year's Dally in the Alley posters. Working closely with Niagara, who created the design, we printed over 400 unique works of art. Because the first layer was printed with a split fountain, each print is unlike the other. 

We burned the screen for the first color (the split fountain flood) with a printout from Kinkos that we wiped down with vegetable oil, turning it into a kind of vellum. We don't usually burn screens this way.


All three screens burned!


Preparing the split fountain, using four ink colors and transparent base.


The split fountain flood, printed.


We printed the second and third colors – the red and the light blue – at the same time.


Having fun printing!


We printed over 400 posters!


A few of the final printed posters. Because of the split fountain in the background, each poster is unique.