Ocelot's Monthly Member Spotlight: Johnnie Jackson / Cool Ass Detroit Stuff

For August's monthly member spotlight we are featuring Ocelot member Johnnie Jackson, of Cool Ass Detroit Stuff. Members are artists and printers who pay hourly or monthly fees that allow them to use our full range of equipment.

Johnnie says, "The mission of Cool Ass Detroit Stuff is to show the world that Detroit is cool again, with every item designed and sold."


JOHNNIE PRINTS # HRS/MONTH: "30 hours a month."

JOHNNIE'S FAVORITE THING ABOUT OCELOT PRINT SHOP: "Getting to see all the different things that people work on, and seeing how other people's projects can expand my skills and what I do."

SEE MORE OF JOHNNIE'S WORK: www.coolassdetroitstuff.com  //  Instagram.com/coolassdetroitstuff

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