Ocelot's Monthly Member Spotlight: Gemma Iaquinta

For November's monthly member spotlight we are featuring Ocelot member Gemma Iaquinta. Members are artists and printers who pay hourly or monthly fees that allow them to use our full range of equipment.

Gemma's printwork is based in experimental design on fabric and paper. She says, "It's mostly commercial right now but is leading into a more artistic and statement-driven fine art. And dog art."

GEMMA PRINTS MOSTLY: "T-shirts, tote bags, posters, and business-related cards."

GEMMA PRINTS # HRS/MONTH: "30 hours a month."

GEMMA'S FAVORITE THING ABOUT OCELOT PRINT SHOP: "The helpful staff, awesome personalities, and the creative space."


Instagram: @gemmalisa

Portfolio: www.behance.net/GemmaIaquinta