“Worn Out”, a portfolio for Print City on exhibit at the Print Shop

Between September 24 and October 8, we will host an exhibit titled “Worn Out”, curated by Joseph D’Uva and Joel Peck.

The exhibit can be viewed during our business hours, as well as during Print City‘s Gallery Crawl on Friday, September 26th, from 6-10pm. The Conference’s keynote, Susan Tallman, editor-in-chief, Art in Print, will be speaking from 5-6PM and then the buses provided for the Crawl will load directly afterward.

“Worn Out is a portfolio that investigates generating and printing imagery specific to the t-shirt. We wear images on our chest and sleeves to express ourselves, to represent where we are from, and to honor what we believe. Imagery from pop-culture commonly adorns this form of apparel, referencing current events and consumerism through print media. Included with each shirt will be a 5″ x 7″ companion print—applied similar to a tag. This print will relate to the imagery on the shirt—serving as an archival remnant of the shirt when its usefulness as an article of clothing comes to an end. For many of us, including those participating in this portfolio, the moment we are forced to retire a shirt is considered an extremely sad day. We know we will not be able to replace this shirt and the collection fluctuates through time, as each shirt ultimately becomes the next rag in the print shop. This tag will further exist to trigger memories related to our history wearing this shirt. Our goal is to organize a portfolio of great images that we all can experience on a weekly basis. Proudly wearing sophisticated artworks, while educating those who inquire about the artists that created them.” (Joseph D’Uva & Joel Peck) 

List of Artists:

Christopher Cannon, Joseph D’Uva, Dennis McNett, Sarah Marshall, Ross Mazzuppapa, Sean Morrissey, Heather O’Hara, Joel Peck, Zach Schrey, Sean Star Wars, Curtis Readel, Matthew Hopson-Walker