Shop Equipment Updates

We have been hard at work improving the shop for us and our Members. 

One great score is a 4x5' Vacuum Exposure Unit, which should make getting perfect screens burned easier and faster, not to mention increasing our screen expo capacity to include oversize screens. 

To allow the beast enough space in the dark room, we expanded by attaching Dark Room Jr on the outside of Dark Room Sr, and moving the door to the other side next to the wash out room door. The awesome byproduct of this is that now the short trip from the dark room to the wash out sink eliminates the need for a water bucket in the dark room. One less step, one less mess. Yes.

Another gain to the shop is a six color two station Silver Press for member use. Yes, all you high achieving apparel designers can now challenge yourself to six colors! Not only did we up the colors, but this press is a step up from the old 2 color press in ease of set up and use and precision (two of the heads are equipped with micro adjustments!). 

Remember the good ole squeegee rack that would shed nails as you took squeegees off it? Well, the new and improved Squeegee Rack not only holds more squeegees, but also holds onto its own parts that are spaced properly so you don't have to cram squeegees together. Just us and a drill press, and life is a bit easier now...