Ocelot Print Shop is a community screen printing shop. That means we offer printmakers membership to our space that allows them to use our full range of equipment by the hour. Be sure to check out our Policies & Procedures to learn more about memberships and shop rental – any questions you have may be answered in there.

To use our print shop as a member, you must know how to screen print:

If you are not an experienced screen printer, you must take our Intro to Screen Printing class (t-shirts or poster) and our Intermediate Screen Printing class to participate in shop rental. Your membership includes use of any equipment and general supervision and troubleshooting of equipment, but does not include lessons or how-tos on basic screen printing techniques. Staff is on hand to answer questions as needed. We reserve the right at any point in your membership to ask you to take an additional class in order to continue being a member. 

If you are an experienced screen printer, you may participate in shop rental after taking one class or a one-hour orientation with us (which one you need is at our discretion). The orientation fee is $40.

Hourly Shop Rental Rates:

  • $12/hour for one person on any station

  • $15/hour for two people on any station

The monthly maximum number of hours a member may print is 30 hours. Shop time must be scheduled 4 hours in advance via our online scheduling software. All printmakers are to pull their last print or burn their last screen 30 minutes before the shop is to close.

  • iMac with Photoshop & Illustrator CS5 for preparing artwork for print

  • One four-color, 1 station Silver t-shirt press

  • One four-color, 2 station Brown t-shirt press

  • One six-color, 2 station Silver t-shirt Press

  • 3 flash dryers

  • Vastex conveyor dryer for drying garments

  • 2 tables with hinges for printing flatstock; max 26" x 40" image

  • 2 large flatstock drying racks

  • Heat press

Equipment We Have:

  • Pressure washer

  • Wash-out sink

  • Dip tank for reclaiming screens

  • Darkroom for coating and burning screens

  • Emulsion for plastisol and water-based ink

  • 18 x 24" unfiltered black light exposure unit

  • Epson P400 printer for transparencies – max transparency size is 13" x 19"

What Members Say About Printing at Ocelot Print Shop:

Read more about our members on our blog:

"We love the friendly atmosphere and helpful mentoring."

"Creating art can be lonely (and make a mess of your bathroom when you're washing out ink in your shower). It is inspiring and motivating to share creative space with so many awesome people."

"I love Ocelot's helpful staff, awesome personalities, and the creative space."

"I love getting away from my full-time job where I look at computer screens all day, and being able to actually create something with my hands. I find it peaceful and fulfilling to create and print something from scratch. I also enjoy meeting new people at the shop, where everyone is really friendly and has interesting projects going on and is inspiring in itself."

"My favorite thing about Ocelot is the opportunity it has presented to be creative, to work with others with the same interest, and to learn a new skill from much more experienced people."

"I like getting to see all the different things that people work on, and seeing how other people's projects can expand my skills and what I do."

"My favorite thing about Ocelot is how much support and unity I feel when I print there. It feels like family. Sharing information and tips on printing is just amazing. The Ocelot team is continually helping me reach my goals in screen printing; I always learn something new, which enriches my creative skills."

"What I love most about Ocelot is the collaborative community of people. I have learned so much working at Ocelot and continue to learn new techniques and tips every time I come in. Ocelot brings together an amazing group of people who are wonderful to work with."